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Capitol Retractable Screens Direct
Capitol Retractable Screens takes pride in sales and service with our customers direct. We also take pride in our dealer force along with the many others whom we work closely with in the building and construction field. Capitol Retractable Screens uses many different venues to make our product known, such as home shows, contractors, builders etc. We try to share our vision of a quality product to all those seeking the visual beauty of screens that are not obtrusive to your home as well as creating a bug free environment.

Capitol Retractable Screens also uses as many of the window and door shops as well as the home improvement specialists to assist with the sales and promotion of the Genius product. Full size displays and color boards are used to accentuate their products and help them to have the winning combination. Our dealers only sell the product and our technicians perform the qualified installations to insure the integrity of our product and to guarantee that the warranty is fulfilled to the homeowner.

We appreciate the many contractors and or developers that we work with on a continued basis. These people have the expertise to see what we can provide them in the completion of homes that they continue to build. With the help of our screens they are able to show the home owners how they can enhance the beauty of their doors and enjoy the views seen without covering up their windows and doors with a traditional screen. Sometimes unique situations prevent a door or window from the usage of a traditional screen and we are able to assist the contractors and or builders with these issues.

Architects have the freedom to design and create the most beautiful environments. We at Capitol Retractable Screens can assist you with our beautiful retractable screens that are recess mounted within the casing of the door or window and appear to be hidden. Our screens are custom fabricated and are done on site and in a short time. Because they are custom cut we can make them fit any size height or width with no extra cost to the homeowner. All of our housings for the screens have schematic drawings making it easy for you to design and contour your visions around. We can help you avoid the dilemmas of screens and make it easy for you to specify Genius retractable screens in all your window and door applications.

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